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Small business owners across the country have experienced the beneficial affects of the F5 commercial paint shaker. As a necessary item for some industries a paint shaker is often used on a daily basis. The F5 was developed out of the need to provide a high quality commercial level product for small businesses and professionals on a budget.

Our one year limited warranty is also a testament to the quality workmanship as it protects the end user from losing money as a result of rare manufacturing defects.

The F5 also comes standard with free with U.S. based technical support. With this helpful and knowledgeable service we’ve establish a standard of customer care within the marketplace.

A dynamic product and specific quality assurance measures are what make the F5 paint shaker stand above the competition.

Please contact us for special orders, distribution information and warranty questions.

1-877-862-7049 9am - 5pm ET, Mon - Fri