F5 Paint Shaker
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What Fits
The F5 paint shaker is truly versatile because its adjustable clamp will fit a wide variety of containers both in size and shape. The clamp adjusts to your specific product and shaking needs from pints, quarts and even narrow aerosol containers. This adaptability is especially helpful when mixing paints, stains, varnish, industrial coatings, adhesives, inks and more! See below for this F5's ability to adapt to each unique container . . . and just imagine what benefits you can enjoy when using the F5 for your business!
Round Gallon Fits Rectangle Gallon Fits
Shown above:
The maximum container size of one gallon (round).
Shown above:
The maximum container size of one gallon (square).
Aerosol Spray Fits Pint Fits
Shown above:
Aerosol spray container mixed upside down for best results. See how the nozzle fits in the base hole.
Shown above:
Pint clamped sideways for a perfect, stay put fit.
Quart Fits
Shown above:
Quart, horizontal. It remains stationary utilizing clamp.